Visa requirements for Switzerland

Since 12.12.2008 Switzerland is part of the Schengen/Dublin agreement.

For any course which is longer than 90 days

Student Visa for SwitzerlandEvery student whose nation is not part of the Schengen/ Dublin agreement and whose lecture phase takes longer than 90 days (such as the School of Biblical Studies, Creative Discipleship Training School, Basic Leadership Practicum) needs a student visa. The student visa application must be submitted to the Swiss Embassy at the latest 8 weeks before the school begins (Form D). You will need an invitation letter from YWAM Wiler to apply for your visa. As soon as your application is complete (including the various reference forms) and you are accepted for the school, this letter will be sent to you.

We must have your completed application 10 weeks before the school begins.

Please note, that the visa and residence permit cost about an additional CHF 350.00.

Courses (lecture phase) which are shorter than 90 days

For those schools (such as the Justice Discipleship Training School, Transformation Discipleship Training School, School of Biblical Christian Worldview or the Leadership Training Seminar) you may enter Switzerland as a tourist. Please note, that the Schengen immigration requirement states, that you may only stay for a total of 90 days in the Schengen agreement area within a period of 180 days (6 months). That means you can not stay longer before or after the school in any of the Schengen nations.

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