What is the School of Biblical Studies?

We want to help Christians to study the Bible inductively and take out of it, what is in it. In 9 months through the whole Bible. This is a valuable investment to get a strong biblical foundation.

The School of Biblical Studies is an exciting journey through all the 66 books of the Bible. You get to know them and you are trained in proper interpretation of the Bible. The approach of the SBS is though different  to other bible schools:

  • Study the Bible for yourself. The content of the course is not lectures about the Bible, but the Bible itself. The student is not only learning what others are saying about the Bible, but mainly what the Bible itself is saying.
  • Study the Bible for yourself. The emphasis is on self-study. The student shall not hear from others but discover himself what the Bible is saying.
  • Study the whole Bible for yourself. Maybe the most unusual aspect of the SBS is, that the whole nine months program consists “only” of studying the whole Bible book by book for oneself.

The Program of this Bible School

SBS - The Bible School in SwitzerlandThe SBS therefore consists of three quarters of twelve weeks each. In between quarters there is one- to two-week break. It is possible to do only the first or the first two quarters, but only in consecutive order. The content of the chapters looks as follows:

  • The first quarter of the SBS begins with an introduction to the method of inductive Bible study in the form of an intensive, three-week seminar. In the remainder of the first quarter, we study most of the books in the New Testament.
  • In the second quarter, we study the rest of the New Testament, and then start the Old Testament with Genesis through Kings.
  • The third quarter includes the remaining books of the Old Testament. The set-up of the school is not according to themes or topics, but is based on a book-by-book study of the entire Bible.

At the end of the course, you will have an overview of the content, background, historical setting and meaning of every book. You will also have a deeper insight in who God is and what his plan for mankind entails. This forms a solid foundation for a life of service in the church, missions and society.

Where is more Information?

Interested? Visit the Website from the School of Biblical Studies.