The Foundations

YWAM Wiler is not just a group of people trying to achieve their own thing somewhere in the world. We are part of the worldwide Body of Christ – which is the Church – and we consider ourselves to be responsible for a small part of the task that God’s church worldwide has been given to fulfill.

YWAM Wiler at 50 years celebration

Each of our staff here has his/her “home church”, which is either in the place where they come from or in our region here. This is to make clear that we want to invest on a international scale worldwide while, at the same time, being rooted locally.

Relationship is at the core of our being as a mission – as it is also the heart of the Gospel; that God wants to give us life so we can live in relationship with Him and others. We desire to express the centrality of this in our YWAM Foundational Values – recognizing that the written form is of no use if not put into practice in everyday life.

Besides the YWAM Foundational Values there are other written declarations which we hold. They were written down by different groups of Christians at different times. The same is true of these declarations as of the values: they must not simply remain on paper, but we want to try to live them out with all our strength and by God’s grace. Following are the various foundational papers which every staff member of YWAM worldwide holds.

All these documents are in agreement with the Bible, though not always with all the ideas that people have about the Bible. (1 Cor 3:11)

Additional Documents

All files are in Adobe-Acrobat format.