Switzerland – our nation

Map of Switzerland - reliefAttending a school here is more than just taking part in a training course. That’s why we want to help you get some information about our country as well. With these pages we want to help you get in touch with our area and learn a bit more than just geographical data. On one hand it is always interesting to know a bit more about a nation or a place, on the other hand it helps you to get an impression of the situation in which you would be involved by coming here. You see above an overview of Switzerland showing the different topographical areas, below are other maps with statistical information about Switzerland.

Short clip about Switzerland

(Trailer from “More than Chocolate and Cheese / Switzerland – The Inside Story“)

Pictures from Switzerland

(Quelle & Copyright: More than Chocolate and Cheese / Switzerland – the Inside Story)

An overview of the geographical regions

Map - geographical areas in Switzerland

Of course you have to get to know our Cantons

Swiss map cantons

There is also more than one language used

Swiss map - official languages

Beside the four official languages, obviously other languages are spoken in Switzerland:

(numbers from: Swiss Federal Statistical Office)

Numbers from: Swiss Federal Statistical Office

And there is a mixture of church denomination

Map - Religion in Switzerland

The religious landscape has changed

The religious landscape in Switzerland has changed dramatically in the past decades:

(numbers from: Swiss Federal Statistical Office)

numbers from: Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Our climate

There are four seasons in Switzerland: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here you see a climate chart showing the average temperature and rainfall in our region.

(Station Bern / Zollikofen, data from 1961-1990, Source: MeteoSchweiz)

Climat Chart from the Station Bern - Zollikon

Are you looking for further information?

More information on the pages of the Swiss Federal Office


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