“Our” village is located almost exactly in the middle between Bern and Biel/Bienne. To both cities there is a driving distance of about 18 km. On the photos below and on the maps you will notice that Wiler is a rather “scattered” village, and consists of several parts. On the aerial you can see only the centre part of Wiler. Yet, in spite of this, Wiler is a village where “everybody knows everybody” and where you always find opportunities for a little conversation or for giving someone a helping hand.

The main impression of Wiler is that of a farming village, but in the meantime the majority of people living here are not involved in farming anymore.

Wiler is not just a village on it’s own, but is part of a conglomerate of several villages. The political administration of these is in Seedorf. On the Seedorf Homepage you may find some more information – although it is only in German.

Different Views

A Village Map